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Boxer puppies for sale

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Boxer puppies for sale

Boxer puppies for sale Boxer puppies for sale

Name: Boxer puppies for sale

Animals Express: Boxer puppies for sale

Boxer puppies for sale available:

Boxer puppies for sale soon available

Price Boxer puppy for sale: as of €870

The Boxer puppies for sale are from a Belgian small professional breeder.


The boxer is related with the many varieties that diverged from the ancient Greek Molossian Hound, a guard, fighting and shepherd dog. These Molossian Hound, also called the Bullenbeisser, evolved to two types of breeds; the Danzigers and the Brabant bullenbeisser. The Boxer is descended from the Bullenbeisser.


The Boxer is a playful, curious and energetic dog. Boxers have a close bond with their owners and the other family members. They are also loyal and affectionate. These dogs are good with children and can also handle other dogs and pets. Boxers ask for a strict and consistent education.


Boxers have a hard and very short coat, which should be maintained with a soft brush. This breed is an average shedder.

Age: 11-12 years

Weight: 28-32 kg

Height: 53-63 cm

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